Teens and Adults

Learn karate and kickboxing for self-defense, physical fitness and character training in our Teen and Adult Class in a fun, positive and motivating atmosphere.

You will learn how to effectively protect yourself with strategies that work in real life confrontations. Class instruction covers how to stand, how to talk down or de-escalate a situation, and if necessary, how to defend against an actual attack or immediate threat using blocks, punches, elbows, knees and kicks. Defenses against grabs, chokes, strikes and weapons attacks (club & knife defenses) are also taught and practiced.


Kickboxing training incorporates the use of basic techniques and sparring combinations on pads, shields and kicking bags for developing speed, power and proper execution of skills learned for fighting. Techniques are also practiced with partners to develop proper reactions and responses, timing, and recognition skills.


Karate also includes learning Kata, which is a prearranged series of punches, blocks and kicks put together as if fighting imaginary opponents. Kata develops memory, mind and body coordination, concentration and fitness while giving the student a forum to perform, either individually or in a group, with creativity, expressiveness, personal style, power and grace.


Weapons instruction includes learning how to properly and effectively use the Nunchaku, Kama, Sai, Bo, Escrima Sticks and the Bokken.

All of the above offers a fun and exciting way to develop physical fitness, flexibility and strength. Karate class is always an excellent way to build muscle, enhance cardio-vascular endurance, burn calories and feel great.         

Our Culture

Finally, our karate studio culture is one that promotes character development such as respect, discipline, focus, self-control, goal setting, perseverance, confidence and more. These character traits learned and practiced in class most often carries over into all other areas of our student?s lives. Students learn to be high achievers: to set goals and achieve them in karate and in every area of their every-day life.

Hyper Pro Athlete Training

When a student shows dedication and commitment to their Karate & Kickboxing training by trying their best and pursuing excellence with the desire to learn more, we invite them to join our Hyper Pro Athlete Program. This program is especially effective in training Teens and Adults to be a Martial Arts Athlete including acrobatic techniques and high level weapons training and also provides the opportunity to demonstrate and perform at our events. This is the premier class for our Karate students that is especially empowering, fun and rewarding as a global community of excellent athletes connecting through social media and learning from the world experts in martial arts. In this program we have challenges and events outside the studio including campaigns against bullying. USA Professional Karate Studio is Pittsburgh's ONLY Official Hyper Pro Training School. Click the label to see more.

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Thank You Pittsburgh for voting us Silver Best Martial Arts School!
Henry is one of our Black Belts & a Heart Surgery Champion Survivor!
Our Black Belt: Mr. Williams heads the Karate Fit Program For the Children's Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation!
Sensei Teaching Special Needs Children at Friendship Circle
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Web Reviews

"If you have never attended a class or just stopped by then you truly have missed a great place to go. I have know George for more than 20 years and is the best teacher I've every seen!" Rufus J.

"The people who run this business are truly the most dedicated couple toward making their company a positive place for their students. I am very impressed with their know how and their passion. I think anyone would find this to be true! Give them a try! I'm sure it will be worth it!" Marcia R.

"Not too strict. Not too lax. So that everybody exercises and learns some serious karate while having some fun. Sensei is just perfect with kids and adults alike." Jerome P.

"Such a great place for the whole family!! Sensei and Vicki love each one of the children and students so much. They have changed a lot of lives by teaching discipline, character, respect and so much more! I would highly recommend this studio to any family even considering Karate or another extra curricular for their children or even themselves!" Annette R.

"My son joined the studio a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend. We had been searching for a place that would both teach him the tools of Karate as well as boost his self confidence and self respect. USA Professional Karate does that in spades. From the expertise of the teachers to the kindness of the other students. Everyone is so very encouraging. We have enjoyed watching our son flourish in the program so much that my husband has now joined and is enjoying the learning process of this wonderful discipline as well. I am so glad we found this diamond in the heart of Squirrel Hill." Kim R.

"I'd choose not to rate this because there's no sixth star but I'll give a five. In the midst of my sixth year, karate has probably been my highest location of attendance second to only school. The studio is a wonderful place where I have always felt relaxed, protected and confident. Karate has improved myself, and many others around me in so many ways. I'm very thankful to have it in my life (late for Thanksgiving) and I hope to always have the time in my future to continue attending. Maybe I should have copied and pasted the essay I wrote about Karate!" Gabe B.

"I went here for near 3 years. One of the best experiences of my life. I met new people, experienced new ways on how to live my everyday life and in the process learned how to fight without fighting. The instructors and Mediators at the studio are fantastic. Richard M.